Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Landed on the Ruth Glacier.

Hello, Adrian here.

I am writing you this blog from my tent on the Ruth glacier, Alaska!! How surreal.. We have a sat-phone hooked up to the MacBook and 3 solar panels soaking up the strong afternoon sun.

This morning we were enjoyed coffee and a full American sized breakfast at the Roadhouse cafe. Talkeetna, the last taste of civilisation for a while, before boarding the tiny Beaver ski plane that flew us on. Paul, the owner of Talkeetna Air Taxi, is a very skilled pilot and because the weather wasnÕt looking great this morning, he was called in especially to fly us on.

The flight in was something else! During the 40min flight we crossed the Alaskan tundra and over the foothills of the Greater Ranges. Paul took us on a route that included some very close fly-bys of some of the mountains out here, so the guys could get a better look at the conditions on some of the routes.

No fixed objectives yet, Matt and Jon are very laid back about what they hope to do, and only now, as we have established camp on the glacier can the scouting missions begin!

We're camped about 800m from the base of Mount Dickey, with many other faces a short ski journey away.

Matt has just melted some snow for tea so I'm off!

Tomorrow, the fun begins..


The Alaskan Gorge film is supported by Patagonia and Osprey Packs.

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