Monday, 18 July 2011

Gore-Tex Experience Tour - Arctic Norway

I'm very pleased to have been given the opportunity to join Dave MacLeod and two competition winners on a 14-day trip to the islands and fjords around Tromso in Norway.

The competition, run by Gore-Tex, asked climbers from all over Europe to apply to join Dave on the trip. After an initial selection process Dave narrowed down the field to just four finalists and last weekend Gore-Tex hosted a weekend climbing event so that Dave could choose the two ultimate winners who would be joining us in Norway.

The Finalists: James Oswald, Julia Snihur, Helena Robinson, Jacob Lloyd

I think all the finalist had a great weekend climbing with Dave. I took some stills of them climbing; it's been a while since I have taken only stills. Normally my priority has to be video and I try to gets some stills if time allows. Alternatively, I often work alongside a photographer who looks after the stills for me. I really enjoyed been able to concentrate on just one task for the day. And what a thrill to be allow to shoot in portrait! The thing is, climbing is all about the vertical... and wide screen video is all about the horizontal!

Ratho, The EICC and the Quarry

Up until last weekend I had always dismissed the quarry at Ratho (that is, the bit without the massive climbing wall in!) as a slightly scrappy climbing venue. However, after
taking photos and watching the finalists enjoy leading the routes I have changed my opinion of the place.

Helena Robinson on Shear Fear, E2 5c, Ratho Quarry

James on Sedge Warbler E2 5b

I think Dave found it very hard to choose between the four finalist, they were all really nice folk and super keen climbers, but only two of them could join us in Norway:-

Helena and Julia will be joining Dave in Norway

We head to Norway mid August. I'm very excited about this trip, I've never been to Norway before. I am tasked with producing still as well as moving images from this trip, so I'm also excited about been able to dedicate time to working with a more static medium.

There are some more images from the day on the Hot Aches Facebook Page.


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New Film Poster - The Long Hope

Since 2008 I've been working with a great graphic designer, Ifan Bates. Ifan's first design for Hot Aches was for the Committed II DVD:

Then in 2009 he produced the 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' DVD:

When he sent me the design for The Pinnacle I was blown away. For the first time it looked like a 'real' movie not just some climbing DVD.

Now he's just send me a draft for our new film, 'The Long Hope'. I think his design skills combined with Lukasz Warzecha's stunning portrait of Dave and Andy has made for an exceptional image.

'The Long Hope' movie poster - click for full screen

It's always funny to see the film poster design before I've edited the film... still it gives me something to aim for!