Monday, 26 February 2007

A Day In Front of Camera

During the last week we had some filming work for a client in Scotland. The subject matter - a sport rather different to our usual thing, but good fun none-the-less, and always a revelation to see how much easier filming can be when you are not hanging off ropes and battling with the elements.

Then on Saturday we had a date with the BBC, or more accurately the BBC had a date with us. They wanted to do a 5 minute ‘magazine’ item about our business Hot Aches Productions, focusing particularly on the success of E11 and also our new film Committed due out later this year.

BBC Filming in our Haymarket Office, Diff editing the latest chapter from 'Committed'

So producer Margaret Wicks plus camera crew arrived early on Saturday. First shoot was at our Haymarket ‘studios’. Oh dear. We’re not used to being on this side of the camera, not quite sure what rubbish we came out with!
A video still from Commmitted, Dave MacLeod onsighting 'Gies A Squid' E7 6c

Some of the filming focussed on us editing up last week’s sea cliff climbing footage. The tense footage of MacLeod on-sighting his E7 with a broiling sea threatening to engulf the belay is really dramatic. This will be the first sneak preview from the new movie to be broadcast.

Another video still (Malcolm Kent belaying)

Next we headed across town to Leith for some more filming. The feature is scheduled to be broadcast on The Adventure Show, Sunday 25th March 7.00pm, BBC2 Scotland and Sky. Coincidently this program will also feature full coverage of the UK National Mixed Climbing Championship (see our blog 28th Jan). [note, these broadcast dates do sometimes get moved around]

It was an interesting exercise and reinforced what we always knew, namely that our rightful place is very strictly behind the lens.


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