Friday, 28 January 2011

What would you like to see?

I greatly enjoyed making The Pinnacle last year and the film has had such a great reception from the climbing community. Therefore I would love to make another historical mountaineering documentary, the questions is what character or story from mountaineering history would you like to see next?

Jimmy Marshall - The 'star' of The Pinnacle (Image Copyright Jimmy Marshall)

Please add your suggestions in the comments below… free HD Download to the best suggestion.



Hot Aches said...

Some suggestions from facebook:

David Redpath says:
"Ron Fawcet or Jerry Moffat Bio ... would need someone bloody good to play him :)"

Tim Jones says:

All great ideas.. anymore?

Ste :) said...

for me there are so many

no better year for Joe Brown to be the subject of his story - his life is peppered with so many achievements and crosses paths with so many other inspirational people...

but then Chris Bonnington... and Leo Holdings life has alot of corners and altitude... and Andy Kirkpatric is a bloke climbing on the boundaries of possibility with a life story and motivation thats as interesting...

how can you choose :)
so many ideas...!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys a film featuring some famous/iconic routes that in some way or another have created controversy in climbing,intervews whith people involved at the time and footage of some climbing stars or today repeating them.Something like the story of The Indian Face on the stone monkey DVD extras.

Anonymous said...

History of the Rock & Ice, and in particular, Joe & Don.

Anonymous said...

History of Brits in the Alps

Peter Duggan said...

Ian Clough, for reasons I've previously outlined on UKC Forums:

'To me he's always been one of the great, but relatively unsung, heroes of British climbing. Something of a bit player in other climbers' histories rather than the star of his own. But his achievements were significant, from the Alps and beyond to my own Lochaber patch, where he was responsible for everything from the notorious siege of Point Five Gully, through the still contentious aided ascent of Titan's Wall (they called him 'Dangle' for a reason!), to a pivotal role in the development of Polldubh Crags.'

Unai said...

moon, malc smith, gaskins, moffatt... your legends. all the world admire them and there is not a bio movie about them.
i´ll buy it and make a review on my blog.
cheers for asking

Nick S. said...

How about Dave "Cubby" Cuthbertson. He was climbing better than most top climbers in the world at his peak in the 80's and a lot of his routes where at the cutting edge when he did them, both in summer and winter.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading Greg Strange's book on the Cairngorms lately. The bit that I keep returning to is the development of the Dubh Loch at the start of the 80's with Murray Hamilton, Pete Whillance and Dougie Dinwoodie pushing the standards and creating stunning routes. Would love to hear more about that time and it would be great if some enthusiasm could be generated so the routes were getting more ascents - that way they would get cleaned up and I would stand a chance of climbing some...


Anonymous said...

You could film some Ben Nevis classics and interview folk from the first ascents.
People like Jimmy Marshall, Big Ian and Norrie also:
Hamish MacInnes, Zero.
Robin Shaw, Point Five.
Dave MacLeod, Echo Wall.
Joe Brown, Sassenach.
Pete Whillance Agrippa.

Colin Moody

Al McDonald said...

How about a drama rather than a biopic?
Perhaps a dramatized reimagining of the Creag Dhu's exploits or the life of Haston?
It would be a refreshing change of tack from the standard climbing movie...

diff said...

'The Life of Hasten' - Love it.
Some great ideas here.

Stuart Ship said...

How about Sandy Wedderburn?

Before WW2 he had been a prominant climber and explorer. During the war he was recruited by SOE as a civilian instructor at Lochailort where he trained climbing techniques to SOE agents and Commando's on the nearby sea cliffs and mountains. A very unsung heroe who desreves to be recognised.

Stuart Ship said...

Just to add to my last post:

It is an example of how climbing is not only a sport and a passion, but did in fact contribute to saving our nation and freeing Europe.