Monday, 15 January 2007

Searching for Ice

Back in the UK Diff has been getting more impressive ascents on film. More news of that to come soon.
Meanwhile I have been chasing around Europe in search of climbable ice. A kind of free holiday, do some climbing then go to the ice world cup and get some good photos to pay for the trip. That's the plan anyway - if we find anything climbable

We landed in Italy and drove to Innsbruck, only to find it in the grip of a heatwave. In fact the whole of europe (apart from UK) is having ridiculously warm weather. So after walking up to the crag at Drylands, Innsbruck we decided to bail and go to Kanderseg in Switzerland instead. In fact I realised something was wrong when we passed a guy rock climbing with his shirt off next to where the mixed climbs are meant to be. Fortunately, over here in Switzerland it's a bit colder. Most of the ice climbs have dissapeared, but at least the mixed crag at Ueschinnen is climbable - if somewhat lean. In fact the ice was actually on the way back to building up again today.

Fiona Murray warming up at Ueschinnen

Kev Shields climbing an excellent M7+

Fiona Murray working the moves on ToolTime M10+
Tooltime turns out to be one of the best routes at the crag. Fortunately it doesn't need any ice, although a fat ice curtain at the top would be a nicer way to finish it for sure.
So two more days at Ueschinnen before we head to Italy.

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