Thursday, 30 November 2006

Festival Season

We've just spend a mad month attending three film festivals (Edinburgh, Banff and Kendal)... that's a lot of partying... disguised as networking.

We premiered E11 at Edinburgh, that was a excellent night, the crowd was really hyped up. It was great to see Dave & Claire MacLeod there with a lot of their friends and family. Stevie Christie, the director of the Festival, has done an awesome job building this event up over the last few years. It was amazing to be awarded ‘Best Film’, ‘Best Climbing Film’ and the ‘People Choice Award’ for E11.

After Edinburgh we headed off to Banff, the world's biggest Mountain Film Festival. This is the 3rd year on the run that i've headed over to Banff with a film. Amazingly our first ever Film 'Fools with Tools' was excepted there back in 2004. Last year we were there with Cavewoman and of course this year we had E11. Banff is just an amazing experience, i'd recommend anyone to attend. Set in the beautiful Canadian rockies, the Banff festival brings you the best mountain films and speakers from across the world. I always come away from Banff inspired, both to explore this world and to make better films.

Finally we headed to Kendal in the English Lake district. This is the biggest mountain festival in the UK and still seems to grow ever year. Kendal is the maddest of any festival i've ever attended. The Saturday night party is crazy... absolute madness. Although this year i was disappointed to see that the Police weren't called out.
We also came away with a gong, Judges Special Award, a trophy sculptured by Andy Parkins and a cheque that should cover most of our bar bill.

So as the last hangover from a festival has cleared, it now feels like time to move on from E11 and start concentrating on our next film. We've already ordered new HD cameras and started to line up some talented athletes to film.

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